Do I need to change the entire windshield wiper or just get refills?

conservative_122 asked:

I haven’t changed the windshield wipers for 3 years and they are leaving lots of streaks. However when I go to Autozone and Target, they only sell the whole windshield wiper. Should I be changing both wipers since it’s been so long a time, or should I keep looking for the refills?


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12 Responses to “Do I need to change the entire windshield wiper or just get refills?”

  1. Doug says:


    refills should be all u need!

  2. Bill says:


    I would just get both windshield wipers.

  3. Louie says:


    replace the complete wiper refills r a thing of the past they dont last as long so there fadeing them out

  4. Brian says:


    The refills are just not any fun to change and a lot of people can’t do it. Plus why would you care if you can get the whole wiper for like $4 a pop? Just change the whole thing, it till take you less time and be totally worth it. Get the good ones and depending on weather you should change them once a year.

  5. George says:


    Most wiper arms will let you change just the blade its self.But since you haven’t changed them in so long it’s a good idea if you change the whole thing.The springs and pins become weak and stiff and won’t do a good job of cleaning the windshield once ther so old.

  6. Per says:


    get the windsheild wipers changed..

  7. Fin

    If you can find a place that just sells the blade refills you can do that but it is true that most places only sell the whole replacement assembly. Best bet would be to call your local auto dealer (ford if you have ford, toyota if you have toyota, ect)

  8. Ken says:


    Just do the refills.

  9. Jerry says:


    RainX wipers are the best. If you see some ice in your area of AZ from time to time, change the arm, too.
    The windshield will stay much cleaner with new blades. I always buy the arm with blade, ($15 vs. $5) but you can get refills, also.

  10. Sam says:


    ditch the refill idea and buy some rain-x blades. Refills are a pain in the **** with all the different sizes and styles. You should be changing your blades every 6 months any way.

  11. Ken says:


    I’d change the Whole blade. It’s easier and the old blade Assembly may not be letting the blade lay on your window flush from one end all the way to the other.
    I personally suggest Triple edge wipers. They’ve never failed me and are guaranteed for the moment you put them on your car for life.They are a little more expensive but I thing they are worth it. Make sure you get the right sizes.The driver and passenger sides don’t usually take the same size

  12. David says:

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